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Hi, I am Jonathan 'Jon' Santiago, a passionate web designer and a natural artist with a keen taste on aesthetics and visual uniqueness. I love creating wonderful websites with different layouts, colour combinations, typographies and purposes. I also enjoy producing unique graphics, presentations and videos.

Looking back, I had been an electrical engineer for 20 years working with big companies such as Network Rail and Schneider Electric before I became a web designer. With my engineering experience, I have been used to solving problems through visual and analytical skills. Blending these skills with my innate passion of arts, I can produce a high quality websites with amazing user interface and user experience.

About Me

Skill Set

I have been creating websites using HTML5 and CSS3 for nearly 2 years. I came accross Javascript, JQuery, and Bootstrap. I have also worked with Wordpress CMS, PHP, and Digital Marketing.

My Projects

Web Design (HTML5, CSS3, Javascript, JQuery, Bootstrap...)


Wordpress CMS


Graphic Design (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign...)


Digital Marketing (SEO, Social Media, Email...)


  You don't need to invent or create from scratch to make a difference, just INNOVATE.

- Jonv Santiago

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portfolio 01


Generic Website with Ecommerce

portfolio 02

Artistic Quotables

Digital Ecommerce

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